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My name is Natalie Taylor

A dedicated and versatile soccer player with a passion for the game and a commitment to excellence. I’ve been honing my skills on the field for a decade and have previously held team captain leadership. My journey has led me to international tournaments, including the prestigious Gothia Cup in Sweden and the Dana Cup in Denmark, where I earned “Man of the Match” in the championship game.

Beyond soccer, I am a certified lifeguard with CPR, AED and 02 certifications. working at The City of McKinney – Apex Centre. I maintain a 3.9 GPA and am enrolled in college-level courses as dual credit classes through Collin College. I am pursuing a future in sports medicine, specializing in Athletic Training. I am eager to contribute my skills and leadership at the collegiate level.

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Individual player information

Jersey #: 20
Height:  5’5
Position:  Forward/Midfielder
Weight: 125
GPA: 3.9
Field of Study:  Athletic Trainer/Sports Medicine
Instagram:  @natalie.taylor2026
X: @nat_taylor2026
Parent Contact:
 gregtaylor0273 at gmail dot com





Fun Facts About ME

Favorite food


Favorite Animal


How do you prepare for a game?

I listen to music. 

who is your favorite artist?

Morgan Wallen

Favorite Color

Light pink

Favorite Holday & why?

Halloween, because I like to hangout with my friends and scare little kids.

Favorite Music

Country music

Favorite Sports Team


Would You Rather....

Would you rather go undefeated in the regular season or win the championship? 

Would you rather play an amazing game but lose or play an average game and win?

Would you rather meet your childhood sports idol today or play your sports idol in his or her prime?