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My name is Sophie Altieri.

My name is sophie altieri and i have played soccer for about 10 years now. Soccer has been more than just a game for me. It has taught me valuable life lessons and helped shape my character. Through soccer, I’ve learned the importance of discipline, as it requires regular practice and dedication.

It has also taught me the value of teamwork, as success on the field relies on effective communication and cooperation with my teammates. Additionally, soccer has instilled in me a sense of perseverance, as it has taught me to never give up, even in the face of challenges. Overall, soccer has made me a more disciplined, team-oriented, and resilient individual.

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Individual player information

Jersey #: 25
Height:  5’5
Position:  Defender
Weight: 120 lbs
GPA: 3.8
Field of Study:  Nurse
Instagram: @sophie_altieri2026
X: @sophie_altieri
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Fun Facts About ME

Favorite food

My moms homemade spaghetti and pizza.

Favorite Animal


How do you prepare for a game?

I prepare for games by listening to my favorite songs and talking to my teammates.

who is your favorite artist?

Zach Bryan

Favorite Color


Favorite Holday & why?

My favorite holiday is Christmas because I travel to Maryland and see all my family.

Favorite Music

I love any song from Zach Bryan.

Favorite Sports Team


Would You Rather....

Would you rather go undefeated in the regular season or win the championship? 

I would rather win the championship because I believe it’s important to win and lose as team.

Would you rather play an amazing game but lose or play an average game and win?

I would rather play an amazing game but lose because if we played amazing then that means we all put forth our best effort.

Would you rather meet your childhood sports idol today or play your sports idol in his or her prime?

I would rather play them in a game so I could learn first hand how they play and how I can improve.