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My name is Lily Marquez.

Hello! My name is Lily Marquez, and I am currently a sophomore in high school (class of 2026). 

 I attend Ursuline Academy of Dallas and have a 4.2 GPA.

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Individual player information

Jersey #: 7
Height:  5’3
Position:  Forward/Midfield
Weight: 116 lbs
GPA: 4.2
Field of Study:  Sports Law
Instagram: @lily.anne.marquez2026
X: @lilymarquez2026
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Fun Facts About ME

Favorite food

Spaghetti Bolognese

Favorite Animal

Blue Heeler

How do you prepare for a game?

I prepare for a game by envisioning three things that I want to do well that game, listening to hype music, and occasionally watching highlights from my favorite women’s and men’s soccer teams.

who is your favorite artist?

Dua Lipa

Favorite Color


Favorite Holday & why?

My favorite holiday is Christmas because that’s when I am able to spend time with my family, which is not possible to do often because they live in another city.

Favorite Music

I like to listen to pop music.

Favorite Sports Team

Manchester City

Would You Rather....

Would you rather go undefeated in the regular season or win the championship? 

I would rather win the championship because it implies that you and your team have had many highs and lows, but you overcame them to win the final showdown.

Would you rather play an amazing game but lose or play an average game and win?

Personally, I would rather play an amazing game but lose because if I could truly say that I played my best and my hardest then that’s a win for me, but, as a team, I would much rather play an average game and win because that indicates that my teammates have had a good game and, after all, soccer is a team sport.

Would you rather meet your childhood sports idol today or play your sports idol in his or her prime?

I would rather meet my childhood sports idol today, Abby Wambach, rather than play with her in her prime because she has experienced the highs and lows of the sport that she and I love, and I would imagine that she is filled with bountiful wisdom that could help me in my soccer journey.