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My name is Averi Scruggs

Hi. I’m Averi and i’ve played soccer for about 11 years. It has definitely been a journey beginning from when I was 4 years old playing on a little rec team to Solar and then finally to this day I’ve been playing on the Dallas Texans for 4 years. But through the ups and downs whether that be coaches that aren’t for me or even drama from the team, that has never stopped me from having love and passion for the game.

Even when I was little, I always had a competitive spirit. Nothing drives me to do better than having a rough practice or especially losing a game. I will always have that competitive nature that I strive to have and want to have as I go into college. Without a doubt, I’m never going to stop the fight to be the best I can be even if some things aren’t going my way.

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Individual player information

Jersey #: 8
Height:  5’4
Position:  Defender
Weight: 120 lbs
GPA: 4.1
Field of Study: Communications
X: @averi_scruggs
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Fun Facts About ME

Favorite food


Favorite Animal


How do you prepare for a game?

Listen to my pump up music.

who is your favorite artist?

Any favorite artist is Drake because he hypes me up before my games.

Favorite Color


Favorite Holday & why?

Christmas because I get to spend time with family and enjoy the holiday spirit.

Favorite Music

Rap & Country

Favorite Sports Team


Would You Rather....

Would you rather go undefeated in the regular season or win the championship? 

Win the championship, because I have never had the opportunity to win it and it would be a huge deal.

Would you rather play an amazing game but lose or play an average game and win?

I would rather play an average game and win because even if I had an off game, winning a game is great, and when I think about losing it makes me angry and I’m a team player so all of us deserve to win even if I had a bad game.

Would you rather meet your childhood sports idol today or play your sports idol in his or her prime?

I would rather meet my childhood sports idol today because I know I loved Alex Morgan back then and I still do and she just seems like a great person to be around and meet.